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We serve many industries including Medical and Dental practices, General Contractors, Furniture Stores, and Retail Automotive Businesses. The VIP consumer credit solution is flexible and can be customized to fit almost any operation, including yours! Our goal is to increase your customer loyalty and avoid declines in profits due to what we call the “Credit Crunch.” Consumer credit rules are tight, but you will be shocked at how easy it is to implement paperless, instant, customer financing options that keep customers engaged and purchasing your products and services.


Medical and Dental Practices

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Patients need your trusted care but often cannot
afford to pay for your services right away. At VIP Financing Solutions
we can tailor simple in-office financing solutions that provide
instant approvals at the touch of a mobile device. Your cash flows
will guaranteed and your profits will skyrocket as valued
patients remain loyal to your practice and not the guy down the street!


General Contractors, HVAC, Plumbers, and Electricians

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Home improvements are a serious business that require serious
cash outlays on behalf of your clients. Expensive emergencies happen
when homeowners least expect them. Don’t get stuck with non-paying
customers ever again with VIP Financing Solutions’ customer
financing system. With 6 months same-as-cash and 36-72 month
repayment terms, customers can pay on time and your bottom
line explodes. We understand how mobile your business is and
offer instant approvals from your iPad or other mobile device.
Our system is affordable and easily implemented for
maximum customer loyalty!


Furniture and Mattress Stores

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Getting customers into your store is huge – closing
the sale is far bigger. Don’t let your bottom line suffer
as interested customers walk away from purchases
because they lack financing options! VIP Financing Solutions
keep customers interested and ready to buy with low APR
and paperless applications.
Convert idle visitors into loyal customers today!


Automotive Repair Centers

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Give customers struggling to maintain vehicles an
option to upgrade necessary automotive maintenance
with the use of customer financing options. No longer will
your customers be nickel-and-dimed because they
will be back on the road with reliable transportation.
Safe, happy customers are the key to long-term
loyalty and repeat business!


Clothing and Retail Stores

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Don’t just encourage your sales professionals to
up-sell – seal the deal with 30, 60, 90-days same as cash!
VIP Financing Solutions is a perfect sales tactic to increase
net retail profits. When combined with store sales,
specials, and discounts, customer financing solutions entice
shoppers to double or triple what they would have
otherwise spent in your store. It’s no longer enough to simply ask,
“How may I help you.” Today, savvy retail business owners are saying,
“Let’s get you approved right now!”


Tutoring and Educational Organizations

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Parents, students, and adults seeking a new level of
education will all benefit from their ability to pay for
classes and sessions over time. Increase your institution’s
registration rates and attendance with customer financing
options provided by VIP Financing Solutions.
The process couldn’t be simpler through our secured
website portal and mobile technology.
Get your students enrolled today!


Small and Mid-size Businesses

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Almost any business, large or small, can benefit from
VIP Financing Solutions’ customer financing system.
You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to offer your
customers the ability to pay for your goods and services over time.
Let our team of highly trained credit analysts customize
a solution for your unique business needs today!

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VIP Financing Solutions

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